Illinois and on to Michigan

OK, am I the only one out there who hates trying to spell these silly states’ names? I’m not even sure that I’ve got Illinois right. And Massachussetts–something’s definately not right here but I’m so confused by all the consonants I can’t correct it. Missouri? What? I think we should spell them phonetically, just like California. No weird French pronounciation there! How about:  Illuhnoy. Mizzurree (Mizzurruh if you’re from there). Massuhchoosit. And just get rid of those huge complex place names like “the Adirondacks” –or is it “the Adroniacks”? I don’t remember. I don’t care. It was pretty. Just call it “Upstate’s Pretty and Pricey Mountains”. New Yorkers could shorten it to ” U.P.P. Mountains” just like Tribeca and Dumbo. . .Then they could sell bumper stickers that say things like, “Don’t U.P.P. in our mountains!” Or, “Don’t U.P.P.-chuck in Upstate NY!” Or even, “Keep Upstate U.P.P.ity!” Score! I am a genius. . .

Back to reality. Actually I really like long interesting names, and my main complaint with place names in this part of the country is their repetition. Passing through Iowa we could have stopped off in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Oxford and even Peru. I saw Manhattan on the map somewhere nearby. I guess you can only use Native Indian words and French trapper slang (Grand Tetons? Can you guess what that means?) so many times.

Anyways, Illinois is very pretty. It was grey and rainy, and we got kicked out of our spot in the Colona, IL golf course parking lot at 6AM, so we got a nice chunk of time driving while the girls were asleep. We made good time, skipped seeing Chicago again because of the nasty traffic, and passed into Indiana in no time. By the way Indiana, all the destroyed houses and starving horses wandering around near Gary were a big turnoff. Stop letting poor white trash people buy large, expensive animals and then starve them to death! Thanks.

In MI we stopped for pizza in pretty (and misty) Saint Joseph before heading on to Linden in the rainy dark. Did not hit a deer. Sailed into familiar territory and will be here probably through Sunday morning. . .then on through Ohio, Pennsylvania and I think Jersey? Where’s that map . . .


4 thoughts on “Illinois and on to Michigan

  1. I love the names of eastern cities along with the dialect that accomanies them. NYC is a gold mine for dialect when one discovers the liggle bourroughs hiding in the big cities. I love Astoria next door to La Guardia airport. Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Poughkeepsie, Hoboken, Deleware Water Gap, etc. speak eloquently of our deeper American history! My dad was born and raised in Elmira NY. There is a town closeby Sacramento named Elmira, I presume by some early settler who went west from NY.

    Illinois (silent s) always felt gray and dingy except for Deerfield where Uncle Gunther and Aunt Penny lived when Gunther was in school at Trinity Seminary. Visiting A. Lincoln’s stomping ground was a wonderful moment.

    Frankie, Liz and Luna are safely moved in downstairs. We welcome the opportunity to have them closeby but still feel the deep hole you left behind with your departure.

    Grandma and I will be in McCloud tomorrow for a PCUSA Presbytery all day meeting. Our church choir will be singing a very beautiful anthem on Sunday, Gabriel Faure’s “Cantique de Jean Racine” (sans orchestra and in English, not the original French). He was only 19 when he composed this, his first cmposition! It is seldom that we get to sing from the deeper history of Christian worship! You can find the piece on you tube if you like. It’s good to see you moving safely, closer and closer to (Brooklyn?) NY.

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