Utah–Land Of Many Wives

 And the Bonneville Salt Flats! Wherein we set some new land speed records for a Vanagon towing a trailer-o-crap and carrying multiple passengers! 50 MPH in 5 minutes!!! Actually, we aren’t moving in this pic. We are playing on the crunchy, salty, muddy clay of a recently rain-bathed salt flat. But Ci may have set some land speed records for Border Collies.

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After the Flats we headed for Salt Lake City, where we stayed with friends who had moved there from Sacramento about 5 years ago. Such an awesome family–and a brief but sweet time to relax! It was interesting talking a little about polygamy in UT; apparently it is much more common and accepted there than we Californians imagine. . . Did you know that Mormons believe that by having babies, women are “freeing spirit babies” that need human bodies in order to work their way back into heaven?  That makes women super imortant to Mormonism–as incubators and birth canals. . .

We needed a break from the van, and we ended up getting a longer one than we expected when Spencer discovered that our “slave cylinder” was leaking the morning that we were supposed to leave.  I guess those cylinders can only slave for so long. Got it fixed by the afternoon, headed out. . . 

Spencer was stressing about time. Things started to get touchy. Made it through the southern tip of the Rockies propelled almost solely by prayers. . .and like a half tank of diesel. That thing sucks fuel going uphill! You can actually see the needle dropping as you put-put tediously up an ascent. Diesel needle drops, engine temp rises, etc. . . exciting! On to Wyoming. . .


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