OK, old town Omaha was kind of cool looking.

These are the two pictures we took of Nebraska. The one on the left was a big tree. Spencer says it’s an oak, I say it’s an elm or cottonwood. We took the pic so that Spencer’s arborist bro could end out debate. . . no word on that yet. The other picture is of an obscene statement on a gas station sign (these are all over Nebraska, I think the car-fueling populace there must be very perverse). But it’s very small, so you have to zoom in to see it. If you are immature enough to want to see it, that is. . .why we saved it for all posterity in a photograph, I’m not sure. Obviously we are not perverse or immature. . .

In Omaha we went on a search for a Whole Foods to get water and some vittles, and also got lost in a downtown/old town area with some cool old brick buildings with expensive looking resteraunts and lofts in them, and a river. That was a long sentence. Anyway, we plowed through Nebraska in one LONG, LONG, AWFUL day in order to get to Newton Iowa by Saturday night. Made it there around midnight, exhausted. Assessed our flattened asses, plunked the kids and ourselves in bed, and promptly spent the night trying to get our daughters to sleep instead of screaming.  Ouch. Iowa. . .


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