Starter: unstarted.

Taking the Beast back to the shop tomorrow for a new starter. I think our mechanics are going to cry; last time we brought the Beast in, the shop owner said “hi Spencer” in a monotone voice,  and then unceremoniously flipped our Vanagon the bird. If you knew the hours, sweat, and actual blood they’ve put into that thing you would understand.

Bashed knuckles, bad parts, burns, and over two months of battling to make sure the new engine is in and ready for a cross-country trek. And they’ve been super gracious about it, throwing us amazing deals and treating us really nicely even though our vehicle is putting them through hell. I know we will never find mechanics like this again so I’m dreading being on the other side of the continent from them. . .shout out to everyone at the Kombi Haus of Sacramento, CA! You are freakin’ awesome. I should see if they are on Yelp and give them a great review. . .

Peace out.


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